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Xinjiang raisins-the best among raisins


Speaking of grapes, no one knows it. Grape is also known as grass dragon ball. The main products are Xinjiang, Gansu, Shaanxi, Hebei and Shandong. However, many diners may have a soft spot for grapes in Xinjiang, because it is from the hometown of melons and fruits! The sugar content is high. You cannot express sweet words. It is for this reason that Xinjiang blackcurrant raisins are well-known at home and abroad, making many diners rush.

I still remember the Chinese textbook when I was a child. There is a lesson called "Grape Ditch", which is about the grapes and raisins in Turpan, the most famous "Huozhou" in Xinjiang. I believe that when I was a child, the grapes in Turpan were rooted in many people's In my heart, from then on, the children's dreams always had a beautiful view of Turpan grapes.

Turpan's grapes can be said to be second to none in Xinjiang. Although there are grapes grown in all parts of Xinjiang, Turpan is called "Huozhou", and its sugar content and taste are naturally superior to those in other regions of Xinjiang. , Not to mention grapes in other places besides Xinjiang.

Recently, I saw a video on the Internet. Some frustrated businessmen, in order to let consumers eat "seedless grapes", even when the grapes are just fruiting, they put contraceptive pills on them. When the grapes mature, the grapes are seedless , But the people you plant don’t eat this kind of junk food, but can sell it to unsuspecting consumers with peace of mind. The editor is also angry when he sees this, how poorly people’s morals and conscience are in front of greed. what!

Xinjiang seedless grapes are just like Xinjiang children, you can taste this delicious food without worrying about those problems. Seedless white, Frei, Klensen and other varieties are pure natural varieties. The operation of people like LOW, our long achievements in Xinjiang is seedless. Chen Cheng's "The Story of the Western Regions" in the Ming Dynasty said: "Liucheng...Guangzhi Pu grape; there are small grapes sweet and seedless."

Of course, Xinjiang raisins are also divided into seedless and seeded, then it depends on the type of grapes you dry. The raisins in Xinjiang are mainly dried in a special vagina. The raisins processed in this way are soft and sweet and extremely delicious.

The raisins are very rich in iron and calcium, contain a lot of glucose, and contain a variety of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Regular food can nourish blood gas, warm the kidneys, help improve anemia, and reduce platelets. It can help the rehabilitation of patients with coronary heart disease. It has a good tonic effect on people with neurasthenia and excessive fatigue. It is also a good diet for women.

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