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Into the mysterious drying room in Turpan: the famous raisins are so dried


Xinjiang Hongxiangfei raisins are well-known in the country, and Turpan in Xinjiang is considered to produce the best raisins, with large and full grains, various types, and appetizing and healthy. But, do you know how raisins change from "grapes to dried"? Driving in Turpan, through many such houses with small holes, is very interesting to see from a distance. So I asked my local friends what kind of building this is. The local friend said, do you want to see it? After I went there, I realized that this is the house for drying raisins. These small holes occupy half the size of the house and ventilate the raisins inside.

As soon as we entered, we were "unprepared" and many raisins appeared in front of us.

The raisins don't need any manual processing, just put them in the drying room and let them dry. The average temperature in the drying room is about 27℃, the average humidity is about 35%, and the average wind speed is 1.5 to 2.6 meters per second. Xinjiang raisins are all dried out in this way.

Driving in Turpan, you can see such a drying room almost every day, and Turpan's raisins are also well-known throughout the country.

In the ripe season, people bring the grapes, hang them on wooden shelves from top to bottom, and then close the door. With the air blown in through the blowholes, it becomes raisins in about 40 days.

In Turpan, the grapes are very sweet due to the long sunshine hours. The raisins sold here are also particularly sweet. Some are sweet and a bit greasy.

Outside the drying room, the staff was seen loading raisins one after another. I just want to remind everyone that before eating raisins, let's dry clean the grapes before eating, although it is said that there is no pollution.

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