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Xinjiang only has raisins? You may have wronged Xinjiang, there is a black technology here


If it comes to what is most famous in Xinjiang, then I believe almost everyone will think of Xinjiang fruits. The most famous one in China is Xinjiang black currant raisins. If you are a little more professional, you can definitely tell why Xinjiang fruits So sweet? Because the temperature difference between day and night in Xinjiang is very large, the fruit can accumulate sugar very well, and naturally it will be particularly sweet.

This is the biggest advantage of Xinjiang fruits. Many of our friends came to Xinjiang for tourism and ate Xinjiang watermelons, but when they returned to the mainland, they basically had no feeling for the watermelons in the Mainland, whether it was sweetness or from In terms of taste, it is not a grade.

Can such a good raw material only be eaten with fresh seasonal fruits? Obviously this is a waste of resources. Even if the fresh fruit is placed in the refrigerator, it can not be stored for too long, and if it is stored in the cold storage for a long time, it will cause a decrease in the taste. Is there any way to keep such a good fruit for a long time?

In other words, it can solve the problem of freshness of Xinjiang fruits to the greatest extent, and can also lock the nutrients of the fruits firmly, so that the mainland partners can often eat fresh "alternative" fruits without worrying about logistics problems. Too. Well, according to the current technological level, these are all achievable. Moreover, as mentioned above, the fruits of Xinjiang have guaranteed high quality at the source, and the freeze-drying black technology is perfect. Combination.

So, is freeze-drying our traditional drying? This is a complete two concepts. Drying is the raisins we usually see. It does not have much technological content. At best, it is drying in the shade room. It is simple and rough, but freeze-drying is a technical activity. Too.

The freeze-drying we are talking about here refers to low-temperature freeze-drying, and there is another name called freeze-drying, which literally means better. First, freeze fresh fruits such as cantaloupe at ultra-low temperature to make them solid. The ice is directly sublimated from the solid state under vacuum, so that the nutrients are not lost. The most amazing thing is that the freeze-dried cantaloupe is crisply placed in the water and can be restored in a very short period of time. Water means returning to the state of fresh cantaloupe.

Is it amazing? Freeze-dried foods have been quite popular abroad, but the acceptance level in China has not yet been fully opened. Perhaps it will be like any new things will take a period of time. The popularity of these freeze-dried products will also take time. However, with everyone's continuous pursuit of health, freeze-dried products will also be accepted by everyone in a short time.

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