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How to wash Xinjiang raisins delicious? A person processing raisins told me that it’s more delicious


Xinjiang raisins, how do we clean them before eating? The person who processed the raisins told me that only by doing this would the grapes be better.

Snacks are something we all love now. Although some snacks are junk food. But there are some snacks, which are also very nutritious. The snack we are talking about is raisins. When it comes to raisins, the most famous one in China is Xinjiang red raisins. People often use it to eat in the pot. Some are eaten directly as snacks. Do we need to wash it before eating raisins? But for some people. Not dry, not ill. This approach is actually wrong. Before we eat raisins, we'd better clean them. But some people just said that the raisins after my cleaning are delicious to those without cleaning, and the taste is different. Not directly delicious anymore. Why is this?

We asked some people who processed raisins, they said. Xinjiang raisins are made in two ways. The first method is more traditional. They will dry the raisins in a house surrounded by the wind. The raisins made in this way. It is very delicious. The taste is also very good. But this method actually has a disadvantage. This kind of raisin cannot touch any moisture. In other words, it is raining when drying raisins. It will affect the drying, and it will make the taste bad.

The second method is to use an advanced drying mode. The current society is developed. All kinds of machines can be made. The traditional process of drying raisins was replaced by this very advanced machine. They dried the grapes into raisins. Although they said they would wash the grapes when making raisins. But it will definitely not be cleaned thoroughly. Their principle is. Cleaning is just to reduce the amount of dust. This advanced raisin has the advantage that it can be quickly made into raisins. His speed went up, so the yield of raisins he made went up. But he also has his own shortcomings. There is no traditional dried raisins, and the taste is good. But for us, we can't tell the difference between these two kinds of raisins. We will only hear from these two methods that their dried raisins will not be washed. So when we eat raisins, raisins are very dirty. Then we need to clean it. However, if the cleaning is not correct, the resulting taste will have a great error.

We must pay attention to cleaning. Raisins cannot use too hot water. Appropriate warm water is enough, about 40 degrees. And when we wash raisins, we can't wash them for too long. We can’t soak it there either. Because these operations are very easy to destroy the taste of raisins. Did we use the wrong water or the wrong time? If it is not correct, you can accept this new method. Is the washed raisin even more delicious?

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