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Do you want to wash it when eating raisins?


Since people's living conditions are getting better and better now, many people like to eat some big fish and big meat at this time, but eating more big fish and big meat is definitely bad for our stomach, so I suggest that everyone Eat more, digested food, and digested food. I think raisins are a good choice. The nutritional value of raisins is very high, and we are also very refreshing when eating.

The most famous in China is Xinjiang red raisins. The dietary fiber and vitamins in the raisins are very high. If you eat them frequently, it will be more beneficial to our health. But when we usually eat grapes, basically All the raisins bought were eaten directly. They feel that the raisins are very clean, so they do not need to be washed at all. In fact, this idea is wrong.

Today I am sharing with you that when you eat raisins, whether you want to wash it or not, many people don’t understand it. In fact, when we eat raisins, we must clean the raisins, because the raisins are very dirty, these raisins are also skillful, we first add the appropriate amount of cold water to the plate, then add the appropriate amount Salt, mix well and put the raisins in the pot.

Put the raisins in salt water and scrub for about 25 seconds, then pour out the dirty water, then use the same method to clean the raisins, after cleaning, and then wipe the grapes clean, you can eat, in fact At this time, we can look at the dirty water in the raisins. How dirty is it? If you eat this often, it will definitely be bad for our health.

Especially children, when eating raisins, they must be cleaned before they can be eaten, so that we are also very at ease when eating, so when we eat raisins, we must clean the raisins before eating. Do you like raisins? So have you washed raisins before eating them?

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