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Are raisins hygienic? Look at the production process and subvert your perception


Fruits can supplement the body's vitamins, and can also become a weapon for many weight lossrs. There are many ways to eat fruit, just like dried fruit, he can treat it as a snack and drink it in water. But the most famous of the dried fruits is raisins, but some people think that the mass production of raisins is unhygienic. Is this a hygienic food? Wouldn't you know if you can't see the production process of Shan with the editor?

The most well-known in China is Xinjiang red raisins. In fact, in ancient Egypt, some people used grapes to make wine, but in the end, after various experiments, it was found that making raisins is more profitable than wine. Therefore, raisins are produced in large quantities. And making raisins requires many complicated steps. First, the grapes are screened. The screened grapes are washed in water to remove impurities, but it is not over.

It is also necessary to select the unripe grapes, and finally separate the remaining mature grape stems and let them dry naturally for three to four weeks. During this period, the moisture content of the grapes will drop from 80% to less than 15%. Grapes that have been dehydrated will turn brownish purple in color. After drying, it is packaged and sent to the processing plant for further screening and packaging.

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